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Paracletos Institute International has been certifying specialists nationwide for over a decade. Once you certify, we consider you as apart of our healing and helping family.  Our network of Paracletos Counselors are practicing throughout the United States and the world.  Now more than ever, renewed minds and transformed lives are needed to transform the world for good!

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Paracletos Counseling Certification Training Workshop

 Are  you called to counsel?  Are you a encourager?  Do you have a desire to help people change?  If you are ready to move into your purpose, register today. Certified Paracletos Counseling Specialists are in demand!  Learn how to combine Biblical Principles with Therapeutic Interventions to heal mind, body and spirit -- recovery and deliverance.  See you at the certification training!

Paracletos Counseling


Join the class and earn CEs for your re-certification. (MUST HAVE BOOK)

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Assessment Tools Specialty Training

Twenty Word Assessment Specialty
Root Causes Assessment Specialty

Our signature counseling tools to help guide your practice.

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Train to Trainer

 Must be a current Paracletos Counseling Practitioner to register.  This training prepares practitioners  to partner with Paracletos Institute to train and certify Paracletos Counseling Specialty Practitioners.    

10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Fri-Sat) plus six (6) Saturdays over SIX months 

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PII Certification Group Training

Want to train your group?  We offer a special Paracletos Counseling Certification training for your organization, church, or group. Let us come to you and certify your group.

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Traumatic Mind Injury from Systemic Racism Therapeutic Interventions.  This counseling methodology addresses the complex trauma recovery needs of descendants of formerly enslaved Americans and people of color who live in daily survival mode.  Using the Paracletos Counseling Methodology, this technique combines TREM, CBT and Motivational Interviewing to identify and expose deep wounds to emotional heath to promote self love and core healing. .  

Enlightening, educational, real talk.

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