Our purpose is to provide those who desire a more excellent counseling methodology with the training and certification needed to practice Paracletos Counseling, a Biblical Specialty for mind care.


Our mission is to repair, restore and revitalize lives through the transforming grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Using the Bible as the lifestyle instruction manual and therapeutic interventions as strategy, we offer education/edification and resources to support the emotional, spiritual and lifestyle needs of all people who seek whole person recovery.


Paracletos Counseling will be globally recognized and utilized as the #1 method for helping  people achieve renewed minds and transformed lives.


Paracletos Counseling is a Biblical Specialty. It is an evidenced based five-branched methodology that combines Biblical principles and therapeutic interventions including psychosocial rehabilitation and cognitive behavioral therapy for whole person recovery and delivery.  It is based on the works of the Holy Spirit, whose name in Greek is the Paracletos.

Dr. Lehomé Bliss

Director of Counseling

Dr. Lehomé Bliss owns The Bliss Center and Paracletos Counseling Institute International where she has a private practice and operates as the oversite agency for Paracletos Counseling Specialists. Dr. Bliss, a psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner, developed Paracletos Counseling, a Biblical Specialty that allows certified practitioners to legally practice counseling in and out of the church setting.  This five-branched methodology, based on the works of the Holy Spirit (Paracletos), combines Biblical principles with therapeutic interventions.  Dr. Bliss calls it “the clinical version of spiritual instructions,” and offers her clients a whole person counseling experience utilizing evidence-based therapies and assessment tools specifically designed for Paracletos Counseling.  

Dr. Bliss specializes in coaching Christians through spiritual warfare including conflict and anger resolution, marriage counseling, parenting and assisting people to overcome the devastating effects of fear on their lives.  Her work in identifying spiritual “fruits and roots,” is at the foundation of her work in integrative mind-care for healing the mind, body and spirit.  She is a sought-after motivational speaker, workshop leader and a Christian curriculum specialist.  She is also a celebrity counselor, with her practice featured in several reality tv shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.


Dr. Bliss is also a part of the team, Sounds of Bliss where she writes and performs “Word Art” with her husband, Albert.  Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she is the mother of all boys -- ages 41-20 years old.  Two sons are currently serving in the United States Navy. 


Dr. Bliss has a broad resumé of employment experiences that range from the Christian Counseling Director at the Higher Living Christian Church (eight years) to the former Senior Editor of Upscale Magazine (six years and two as consultant). In between, she was employed as a researcher for the University of North Carolina, the Psychosocial leader at Clayton Behavior Health Center (five years) and an instructor at Bauder College.  Dr. Bliss has also served as an editor for many major published authors, including Bishop Dale Bronner and Pastor Nathaniel Bronner.

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