Our events are memorable and life-changing.  An educational experience designed to engage your brain to think critically while  embracing your heart's  desire  to grow people

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Paracletos Counseling
Certification Training
July 14-16, 2022


What You Will Learn

Integrated mind-care that combines Biblical
prescriptions with evidenced-based therapeutic
interventions for emotional wellness--mind--
body and spirit.  Get to root causes quickly
and completely.


New Certification Training
$379 that includes all course materials

Re-Certification Training
$279 that includes all course materials

The Benefits Of Becoming A Certified Paracletos Counselor*


  • Exclusive Paracletos Certification Training (There is none like it in all the world)

  • Open A Practice

  • Start A Ministry

  • Receive Oversight & Support from The Paracletos Institute

  • Apply For A National Provider Number

    *All is based on the passing of the certification exam

uly14, 9:00 AM - July 16, 5:00 PM




Registration will begin April 15th, 2022